We’re here to help you transition successfully as a REACH compliant studio. 

What is Reach?

On January 4, 2022, revised REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals) regulations went into effect, banning specific substances affecting all tattoo inks sold in Europe.

In response, Kuro Sumi launched IMPERIAL, a new REACH-compliant line to ensure artists in Europe have continued access to high quality inks. While transitioning to IMPERIAL is a great first step, ECHA recommends certain protocols to protect artists and their studios.

Your Next Steps

So, now that you have IMPERIAL, is that it? Are you good? You’re almost there to REACH compliancy, but you still need to cover a few more bases to guarantee that you and your studio will be recognized as compliant when undergoing an examination even with a REACH compliant ink.

If you haven’t already, you need to dispose of ALL non-REACH compliant inks from your studio. Even if you aren’t using the non-compliant ink — if it’s in your possession, the examining authorities could take action against you. Be sure to keep a record of your disposal on file to provide proof in cases where you may be questioned.

When you begin with a new client, as they properly fill out all legal permissions for the procedure, you must relay to that client all information on the IMPERIAL ink bottles. This will ensure all safety protocols are followed and that your client has no allergies to the substances within the ink.

If you do not follow through with the above steps of transition, you could face a prison sentence of up to 2 years &/or substantial fines. The above disciplinary action does not take into consideration the possibility of any claims filed against you or your business from potential clients. These penalizations are subject to change depending on your country of residence, so please check with your appropriate country’s authorities to confirm.

Why Kuro Sumi IMPERIAL?

As with all of Kuro Sumi’s products, there have been great lengths taken to ensure substantial care, research, and testing are followed with each of the IMPERIAL inks to guarantee all products are safe, durable, and easy to use for all tattoo artists.

During the development of IMPERIAL, the Kuro Sumi crew worked diligently to ensure all products were monitored at every level of manufacturing and testing, beginning with individual ingredients and finishing with the final inks. All products are controlled at the highest level of efficiency and security with the quality control system, ISO 13485. But, Kuro Sumi couldn’t have achieved this great success without the expansion of the research, manufacturing and testing facilities. As the industry evolves, Kuro has transformed with it, tripling the size of their US-based manufacturing, bottling, & R&D facility, dedicated to the tradition of creating your must-have inks.

With over 30+ new dynamic colors and formulations, IMPERIAL is here to make your transition to these new regulations smooth and prosperous. At launch, IMPERIAL is only available to artists in the EU, so that they can be fully supported during this transition. If you have any additional questions about IMPERIAL, visit our IMPERIAL site where you can find the latest information and keep up to date one new color launches.

As always, Kuro Sumi will continue to keep you in the loop as new info is released, so be sure to be subscribed to our email and keep your inboxes open.

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