We’re excited and honored to celebrate 20 years in the industry we love and our mission remains the same; we strive to provide artists with an amazing experience through reliable inks. We continue to create inks that adapt to the world around us and the needs of artists everywhere. We celebrate this incredible milestone with our artists by announcing two new sets!
The Great Wall of China stretches over 3,000 miles and is a symbol of protection. When building the wall they utilized earth, bricks, and lime. When we created The Great Wall Set we wanted to honor the symbolism of the great wall and represent the same elements. This set is enriched with variety and nature-influenced colors. Sand Gold is a subtle gold ink that creates a warm soft yellow result. Soil Red is a fierce, prominent crimson color inspired by the wild. Keep your tattoo grounded with Earth Brown an umber calming color. Step Gray a shade of versatility, artists can provide clients a silvery, smoky result, or an elevated valorous look. The Qin Dynasty had a lasting cultural impact, known for its strength. We were inspired by their history to create Qin Black, an ink that will surpass the rest. The final color is Wall Gray, this ink has been brilliantly enhanced with blue undertones to give tattoos more depth.
The Marble Tone Stone Set features earthy colors that can be used again and again to strengthen any design. These are classic colors ideal for contributing to any style of tattoo. Grey Dolomite is a resilient and unique color similar to the element it was based on. When forming Marble White, we were inspired by the process of creating Marble itself, which is crafted from high temperatures and pressures, so you know this ink was created to outlast the rest. Calcite Grey is a reliable and mystifying hue to provide pieces with additional depth. Serpentine Grey was influenced by the stealthy and strong serpent, this ink is a medium to dark grey color and a symbol of transformation. Limestone Grey – Limestone is truly a piece of history, because of its subtle elegance and durability this element has been used to form some of the most iconic buildings that the world has ever seen. Lastly, Marble Black – made to intensify while also providing stability for the crucial foundation of a tattoo.

Extra comfort, extraordinary ink. Outside, we’ve enhanced your experience with new bottles and caps, inside it’s the same ink you love. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for more upcoming ink sets and other important announcements!