Every ink has a unique story. We consider the wants and needs of our artists and reflect that when selecting a new ink color. The name perfectly captures what inspired the ink. In this blog series ‘behind the ink’, we’ll be giving you an inside look at the inks in our two new sets, The Great Wall Set and The Marble Tone Stone Set.
The Marble Stone Tone Set features versatile colors that channel crucial elements found in nature.

Limestone Grey is based on Limestone and heavily inspired by history because Limestone has been used on multiple occasions to create historical monuments. This ink matches the subtle elegance and reliability of the element it was named after.

Marble Black made to intensify and withstand the test of time. This is a resilient, bold color that provides stability for the crucial foundation of a tattoo.

This is our final post for Behind The Ink for our 20th Anniversary Sets. We want to congratulations again to our giveaway winners, Artsyashlee & the_marcs. 

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