Every ink has a unique story. We consider the wants and needs of our artists and reflect that when selecting a new ink color. The name perfectly captures what inspired the ink. In this blog series ‘behind the ink’, we’ll be giving you an inside look at the inks in our two new sets, The Great Wall Set and The Marble Tone Stone Set.


The Marble Tone Stone Set features neutral ink colors that can be utilized to fit any style of tattooing.

Calcite Grey is a reliable and mystifying hue to provide pieces with additional depth. Calcite is known for its stability and durability – we’re sure this color will ensure similar dependability.
Serpentine Grey was inspired by Serpentine which is a greenish, grey spotted mineral found in serpentinite rocks, named after serpents because of its greenish color. We named this ink after the stealthy and adaptable serpent, this ink is a medium to dark grey color and a symbol of transformation because when a snake sheds its skin it’s a symbol of transformation.
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We’ll be selecting 2 winners to receive both new sets: The Great Wall Set & The Marble Tone Stone Set. This giveaway starts September 22nd and ends September 29th.

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We’ll be announcing the winners on Wednesday, September 30th.

Our bottles and caps just got an upgrade! We want to hear what you think of our two new sets – which ink is your new go-to? Follow us on Instagram to find out how you can provide us with important feedback.