Every ink has a unique story. We consider the wants and needs of our artists and reflect that when selecting a new ink color. The name perfectly captures what inspired the ink. In this blog, we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at the inks in our two new sets, The Great Wall Set and The Marble Tone Stone Set. We wanted to honor the symbolism of the great wall and pay tribute to the rich history behind it when naming the inks in The Great Wall Set.

Step Gray can provide clients a silvery, smoky look, it’s enriched with blue undertones for additional depth. The Great Wall is 21,196 kilometers in total, it’s almost over 30 million steps to climb the whole sections of the Great Wall, that dedication was used to inspire this.

Great Wall Gray was inspired by The Great Wall of China, which represents unity and protection. Built over 2000 years ago and the longest structure ever built, we wanted to create a color that would be timeless and leave a lasting impression. This ink is also brilliantly enhanced with blue undertones to give tattoos more dimension.

We recently had a giveaway to celebrate our 20th Anniversary and the results are in!

Our winners are…

Artsyashlee & the_marcs

Congratulations to our winners who will be receiving both new sets: The Great Wall Set & The Marble Tone Stone Set.

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