Every ink has a unique story. We consider the wants and needs of our artists and reflect that when selecting a new ink color. The name perfectly captures what inspired the ink. In this blog, we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at the inks in our two new sets, The Great Wall Set and The Marble Tone Stone Set.


We wanted to honor the symbolism of the great wall and pay tribute to the rich history behind it when naming the inks in The Great Wall Set.

Sand Gold is a subtle gold ink that creates a warm tone. Sand acts as a barrier to keep land from eroding. It’s composed of finely divided rock and we put extreme attention to detail when creating this soft yellow result.
Soil Red is a prominent crimson color. Red soil is commonly derived from crystalline rock that creates a glossy appearance, this radiant red soil is what inspired the name of this ink.
We’ve upgraded our cap and bottle design but kept the same bold ink. We want to hear what you think of our new sets! Follow us on Instagram to find out how you can give us feedback.