The Initial Q&A: Round 1


So, you’re looking to get inked? Cool. We love that for you. Whether you’re a first timer, or a seasoned pro, we recommend you to always be prepared. Preparation creates harmony between both you and the tattoo artist, promoting smooth transitions from start to finish. And if you haven’t realized yet, the relationship between you and your tattoo artist is essential. Not only does getting inked require a higher pain threshold from you, it also involves a level of physical stamina from the artist, as well as long hours to create a unique design beforehand.

We're outlining materials and questions we believe are essential to bring with you for your initial meet-and-greet.

Round 1: The Mood Board, aka the easy way to copy and paste your references.


 A Quick and Easy Reference 


Mood Boards are not essential, but highly recommended. Not only do they provide guidance for your tattoo artist, they also help give guidance into creating a theme for your design. Doesn't stop there. It also provides hints for color schemes, as well as the style you're trying to achieve, i.e. Chinese Traditional, Neo Japanese, Realism, etc.  

 "When a client comes in with clear intentions and provides examples of what they like, it makes our job a lot easier. We enjoy having the freedom to implement our own style into designs, but it's nice to know what elements we can include and layer into the piece, as well what theme or color scheme they might be going for just to ensure they'll like the overall look." 

- Mike Dee, KS Pro Artist



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The Inks Behind The Artist


Curious about the inks? Kuro Sumi sets the standard when it comes to black and grey realism. Discover one of the most iconic, multi-faceted sets created by Kuro Sumi's Brand Manager, Zhang Po, aka @popotattoo, the master of portrait.

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